A theme reveal experience

You are not the first to step foot on this mysterious island.

In BREATHE (04), if you want a shot at the secret treasure, you’ll need to leave no stone on the sandy beaches unturned. Do secrets lay beneath the waves? Only one way to find out, so take the plunge into the island’s beautiful reefs and seabeds. Just watch out for the unwanted aquatic company.

The secrets of the island have been well-kept, but no tale can go untold for so long. Enlightenment always those who find the secrets of BREATHE’s island… will you make it to the end alryte?

Descend beneath the waves and explore treasure-filled waters! Scour a mysterious island for secret treasure and unearth long-hidden secrets.

PTBO Game Jam 04
Platform:Windows, macOS
Release Date:February 19, 2018


The experience was well-received by the participants of the PTBO Game Jam 04, however, what we didn’t expect was the vast popularity of the project outside of its local target. Bringing some chaos and the usual Steam commentary on it not being long enough. While exhaustively explaining the intent of the experience, the question remains how we could have communicated more effectively that this was not meant to be a full production project.

From the onset of the idea of making BREATHE during a 32-hour game jam, we knew it was going to be a daunting endeavor. As a multiplier, we forced ourselves out of our comfort zone and used Blueprints exclusively with the Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine

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