Academic integrity checker

The modern student has extensive tools and resources available at their fingertips, be it online articles or access to classmates work. The opportunity to undermine the value of education happens daily. Galileo empowers educators with a simple yet devastatingly effective solution in the fight against plagiarism and cheating.

Metadata analysis

The internals of a file tells a unique story with many chapters. Galileo reads and indexes details for comparison.

Content analysis

Evaluate content for similarities and irregularities. The inclusion or omission of little details can indicate cheating.

Levenshtein distance

An algorithm that determines the percent difference between submission files, providing a concrete similarity value.

Unparalleled file support

With every new release, we try to add to the already unmatched list of supported file types.


Built for simplicity, you select the target folder and click process. It’s just that easy.


Galileo must be agile in its evolution as students continue to find new ways to cheat. Community involvement keeps Galileo operating effectively.

Free for everyone!

Galileo’s source code is available under the GNU General Public License. We hope that the community will build on the framework that we have created and will continue to evolve the project.