dotBunny is an awesome independent game studio

based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

We make games

Founded in July 2006, we have been making games for over 13 years as a company. We know a thing or two about the game development process. With our love for making games, we are the proud incubators of the PTBO Game Jam and work with numerous educational institutions to help the next generation of game developers.

2.85+ million PC players worldwide

We make tools

With a profound love of community, we actively contribute to and maintain numerous open-source projects used throughout the games industry and others.

11 open-sourced projects
2.28+ million downloads

Dedicated to creating compelling entertainment experiences and simple to use toolsets.

Mission Statement

We help other studios

Providing consultation on projects, or deeply integrating into a studio; we find happiness through your success stories.

98 happy clients
139 shipped projects

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