Kelvin Adventures

The hero of Wonderville

When there is trouble, call Captain Kelvin

In the Kelvin Adventures series of games, the player controls Captain Kelvin, the hero of Wonderville, through different environments. Released in two segments, Kelvin Adventures aims to offer educational information while providing a fun and exciting player experience.

In the first release of the series What Water?, Captain Kelvin is charged with saving others of his kind. Can he solve the mystery of why there is no water available in Wonderville?

As he travels through the troublesome landscape, Captain Kelvin gains various skills which allow him to use his resources and overcome the obstacles he faces. Using a little creativity and an understanding of the properties of water, the Captain must solve relevant puzzles and lead his kind to safety.

In When I GROW Up!, the second installment of Kelvin Adventures, Captain Kelvin is again called to action to find out why the local crops are unable to grow. Employing the skills and powers gained in What Water?, the Captain uses “green” power to solve new puzzling problems.

Genre:Puzzle Platformer
Platform:Windows, macOS, Browser
Release Date:June 1, 2009