Game Developer @ Founder & Organizer of @ptbogamejam

Time For A Change

Our old branding was effective and unique, but we were finding ourselves in the mood for a change. We still hadn’t landed on something that we were happy over the long term, so we tried something new and hip and posted to Fiver to have the collective design us something.

Unity Collaborates On MonoDevelop.Unity

After a couple of months of development with the assistance of the awesome MonoDevelop team at Novell, we’ve got something to show! An add-in for MonoDevelop which integrates with Unity allowing for seamless code editing inside of MonoDevelop with Intellisense.

A Fresher Look

After our previous branding change, the web moved away from that style of branding, and in order to keep up, we naturally pivoted with the new standard.

A More Corporate Feel

As dotBunny moved more into working with larger corporate clients we felt it more appropriate that our branding reflect that positioning and we engaged Phil Therien to create a more professional look for the company.