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Plays through numerous arenas in the competitive backyard world of bocce ball in VisualBocce. Not to be confused with the game your grandparents play "lawn bowling", bocce is a fast-paced game of control and strength.

About VisualBocce

From the coasts of Cassis, France to the abandoned town of Butugichag in Russia, the game offers a wide variety of environments to play in even having the locations directly impact gameplay. Have you ever tried to throw a ball under water? With a surprisingly addictive multiplayer experience, utilizing the tactile throwing interface provided by the Visual Sports Arena™ game peripheral.

This unique interface creates a dramatic connection to the game allowing for endless hours of gameplay; from mastering the games subtle techniques of throwing the ball, to simply throwing the ball as hard as you can to see what happens. The game rewards gamers new and old with its simplicity and ease of use.

Release Date November 16, 2010
Company VisualSports
  • Windows