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Cirque du Noir

Cirque du Noir

Cirque du Noir embarks on a downward journey into the corrupt world of back alley carnivals. Stylized visuals, intuitive gameplay, and a compelling soundtrack engage the player to think outside of the normal "happy" carnival environment. The world is full of mini games enticing the player to spend time enjoying the darker side of things.

About Cirque du Noir

Utilizing the tactile throwing interface provided by the Visual Sports Arena™ game peripheral the player can play numerous carnival games which involving throwing a baseball to hit objects. Of course, if only it were that simple, there are numerous twists on these old classic mechanics.

Let’s not forget our favorite feature of the game, a scary bunny announcer. How far into rabbit hole will you go?

Release Date January 06, 2011
Company VisualSports
  • Windows