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The Other Brothers – Cancellation

The Other Brothers – Cancellation

We’ve been holding off for a while to post an official statement in regards to the recent events revolving around the title “The Other Brothers”.  At this point, we have the following public statement for release:

This is a declaration of intent to put any / or all parties involved in the development, production, marketing, distribution,  and/or sale of “The Other Brothers” title or any derivative of such work on notice. Should this title reach market distribution, we will assert our legal rights to the intellectual property and/or any profit sharing agreements in place prior.

Obviously, we’re not too happy about what happened, and its quite clear that the ‘newly formed‘ team does not want the details of what happened to come to light either (DMCA notices,  “nasty grams”, a wife calling our office).

Unfortunately, their original decision to cancel the game when they heard we would be asserting our rights was probably the best decision. While it meant the ‘journey’ was over, it meant no disputes.

Moving forward we will be removing “The Other Brothers” from our game list, and we will continue to monitor the development of the title and make sure to assert our rights should they bring a product to market.

Update #1 – June 25, 2013

They released the game and as we predicted they cared more about making money then about putting the time into the game and it wasn’t anywhere near as successful as it could have been. As it stands currently its not even worth our time to go after them, should it otherwise become a success we will assess our resolve then. We’re hedging our bets that they will file another DMCA notice against the feature image of this post now that it’s updated. If they do, we’ve found a nice little way to post the original game at its state when all this mess happened including the incredibly damning chat logs (they’re quite the read).

There is also something important to note.  While at first we tried to keep names out of this post, it has come to our attention that inadvertently the nice folks at Simian Squared are getting lumped into this mess by association. While we don’t really approve of them picking up the project after the shenanigans concocted by Thomas Pasieka (and Bjorn Hurri), they are in no way responsible for what happened and should not be looked down upon in any manner.

Our apologies to the folks at Simian Squared.

Update #2 – July 9, 2013

In response to continued flak, we decided to link to this video again (sorry for the slow download speeds from Bulgaria). This video was originally posted to demonstrate the state of completeness of the mechanics in the game at the time of the cancellation, but our host was served numerous DMCA takedown notices in an attempt to purge this video. In the video, you can clearly see a first pass is complete on the mechanics of the game, it however lacks any amount of content beyond the initial testing environments.

This video was our response to the claims that we had done nothing, when infact it was the exact opposite, the accuser had not been living up to his end of the deal. Around this time, we started to hear grumblings about how this was not the first project that Thomas had taken advantage of a developer. That’s a story for another day though; one that hopefully never needs to see the light of day.

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We are in the process of renovating our website. We have left the old site up and working while we under go these renovations. More Info