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As you struggle to regain your breath, your heart shatters as you relive the last few minutes over in your mind. What had happened to them? It doesn’t matter! You must get to shore, you must find help, but most of all you must choose to survive.

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Nothing Is Impossible

We provide consultation and development support in and around the games industry. Having established ourselves as the go to solutions provider for over 11 years in the industry, we provide simple solutions to complex problems every time.

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Community Focused

Contributing to and maintaining numerous open source projects, as well as organizing and backing the local PTBO Game Jam are just some of the ways we enjoy giving back to the game development community. We would do it full-time if we could!

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No Risk. No Reward.

June 01, 2017 Shortly after the Torment roll off, we started discussing what we wanted to do next; it became abundantly clear that there was an ever-growing itch internally to create something substantial that we could pour our hearts and souls into and call our own. For quite some time we had been developing a set of lore with quite an elaborate backstory and encompassing world, with multiple games in the series that could be part of the vision of Dethol.
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Who Wants To Be A Web Developer?

March 27, 2017 The off-focus task of creating a website in a games studio must fall on someone – but who? Why not out source it? The struggle faced when you know you can do a better job in-house then you would get if you paid someone else to do it. Sometimes you must bite the bullet and just get it done. How far down the rabbit hole you go is really the question to be answered, with web technologies seemingly in a state of perpetual infancy in disarray, it’s the wild west.
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Torment: Tides of Numenera Released

February 28, 2017 Congratulations to the team at inXile Entertainment and all the parties involved in bringing this beautiful gem to life. It was truly a monumental effort across numerous teams and countries with the guiding direction of “what would the backers want”. We were ecstatic to work together with the engineering team on this project, and look forward to seeing the reception in the RPG community, as well as first time player experiences.
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